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Fantasy Football Picks: Week 4

Last week was insane. It felt as if so many players went off and scored plenty of points for their respective fantasy teams. I wasn't one of those teams, but it's alright. There's always another week until there isn't. I was still able to put up a good amount of points in Draft Kings, so at least I had that. Also, I am very proud of my AJ Green pick, as he hasn't done so well this year and many experts were low on him. Anyways, let get to this weeks picks.

Matt Ryan:

He has been very solid for the first 3 weeks and he should be just that against the Texans week 4. Julio Jones and Ryan have connected plenty of times and I expect that to continue. If you are able to find a good lineup with these two in it, then by all means this is the stack you want to have. Matt Ryan price isn't very cheap, but he's not too expensive either. Add him to your lineups without a worry at your QB position.

Draft Kings price: $6,9000

Randall Cobb:

Jordy Nelson, injured. Davante Adams (sigh), injured. Randall Cobb is cheap as a WR1 and he's going to explode. He had 3 TDs last week and I would expect him to have a stellar game this week against the 49ers. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald tore the Niners weak defense apart. With Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb, you get an upgrade at both positions against the same weak defense and you're going to see huge numbers. Get him in your lineups.

Draft Kings price: $7,400

Amari Cooper:

Another Raider in my weekly picks. I don't care. Cooper looks like a star. He is a star. His route running is crisp and he can run with the ball after the catch with the best of them. He's playing against a Chicago Bears secondary that can be seen on box cartons because they've gone missing. His price is great for the numbers he puts up and he's got big play potential.

Draft Kings price: $6,300

Frank Gore:

Old man Gore. I'm getting him in my teams because I expect the Colts to run the ball a lot against the lowly Jaguars. Andrew Luck is also beat up, but he should get his as the Colt stomp on the Jaguars. I think. I mean, c'mon they can't suck THAT much can they? PIck Gore up, he's cheap and he'll get at least one score for you and 100 total yards.

Draft Kings price: $4,700

Matt Forte:

I feel like this is a safer pick for your lineup than many will think. The Bears had success running the ball against Green Bay in week 1. Forte was of course a huge part of that. They controlled the clock, still lost, but they limited the Packers for the most part. The Bears have Alshon Jeffrey back (I think), so defenses have to play more honest against them. Forte is playing against a so-so defense in the Raiders. Not sure if the Bears will win, but Forte should put up good points for your team, and he has the potential to score big points as well.

Draft Kings price: $7,100

Bonus Pick - Karlos Williams:

No LeSean McCoy or Sammy Watkins. The Bills are led by Tyrod Taylor who has been surprising everyone. I expect the Bills to lean on Karlos Williams this game to edge them to victory. He has scored a touchdown in every game. I think he'll do just that against the Giants who aren't a good run defense at all. Write him up for 110 yards and a score.

Draft Kings price: $3,400

This week is a little tougher to make a lineup for as there are teams on bye week, but there will be stand out players that will make your team score big. I hope these picks help you guys out with that. Good luck.

Hauk Vagner