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Five Men's Fashion Blogs To Follow

I have my share of daily reads to keep up with the latest in Men's fashion. Even though I work in the apparel industry, I'm still a fanboy at heart and love reading about other brands. Here are a few of my "go-to" sites.


I like Selectism not for its fashion category but also for the amount of content related to all facets of design. Whether it be art, architecture, furniture or photography, there is a ton of rich content. There isn't a ton of verbiage ,which some people prefer, however there are enough photos to keep you engaged. 

Daily Scout

Daily Scout is a New York based lifestyle blog run by Justin Livingston that also covers a broad range of topics besides fashion such as food, travel and grooming. A lot of the east coast based bloggers tend to be on the super dapper side, however Justin is the exception. As much as I like the dapper look, I just don't see it as practical daily wear, especially on the west coast. Justin also does a good job of keeping the content sincere and personal. 

Men's Style Pro

Men's Style Pro is blog that was launched in 2010 by Sabir Peele. Peele has won style awards from GQ and Esquire which are two of the most highly recognized names in the game. For those of you who need to wear business casual on the daily, this is a good place to start. It is also a good source for style tips for men trying to figure out how to 'pull-off' a certain trend. 


Four Pins

Four Pins is a blog backed by Complex Magazine which features some great snarky writing. They cover a wide spectrum of budgets from fast fashion to the high end. Sometimes I end up clicking a bunch of links just to read the single paragraph commentary. The writing reminds me a lot of The Big Ghost Blog which is pure comedy gold. 

Fashion Beans

Fashion Beans is a website which gives you access to many company lookbook campaigns and have a ton of content. My only complaint with them would be that they have too many posts on the mainstream heavy hitters in the industry such as J. Crew, Gap, Zara, etc. I feel like most viewers who look up mens blogs are looking for more unique labels. 

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