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Fantasy Football Picks: Week 5

Last week was tough for my daily fantasy teams. I had 4 lineups and none of them were in the money. My season long teams did great however and that's always good. In both of my leagues I have a 2-2 record and currently am in the playoffs for both. The good thing is that I'm putting up pretty consistent points and there is still room to grow. Time for the week 5 picks.

Philip Rivers:

I haaaaaate Philip Rivers! He whines at his own players all the time and whines after every play, looking for a penalty to benefit his team. It's annoying. He's annoying. But dammit he's good at playing quarterback and he's been putting up 20.5 points per game. He's got a Monday night game against the Steelers at home and that should be a decently high scoring game. Rivers also comes in very cheap this week. Look to add him for your lineups and stack elsewhere.

Draft Kings price: $6,200

 Le'Veon Bell:

I have Bell in both of my season long leagues and many offers have come for him. All of them are laughable. I wouldn't trade this guy. It would take a lot out of me to let him go. He's a monster and he has a great matchup against the Chargers on Monday night. He showed that he can still move the chains without Big Ben and I never doubted him. Bell comes at a very high price point, but he's a no brainer 25+ point scorer a week.

Draft Kings price: $8,500

Dion Lewis:

Dion Lewis just signed a 2 year extension with the Pats and I don't know what the hell that means, but he's playing great for this powerhouse offense. There's always this skepticism with Patriot running backs because Belichick is a hassle for fantasy owners, however he's made it clear that Lewis is the lead back. In a PPR and in Draft Kings, you want a running back that will not only run in the red zone but catch plenty of passes - Lewis is just that.

Draft Kings price: $4,800

Keenan Allen:

When you've got a matchup with high scoring potential, it's alright to stack your QB with their WR. In this case, Keenan Allen is tearing it up and I wish I had him in my season long teams, but I will bank off him in daily tournies. He's got a good matchup against the Steelers and he'll be getting a bunch of targets, without double coverage now that Antonio Gates is back.

Draft Kings price: $7,200

Jeremy Maclin:

His last two weeks have been insanely productive and I'm happy to say that I have him in a PPR league and he's winning match ups for me. But this week he's going up against the Bears who have a leaky secondary. I'm going to bank off the fact that Andy Reid is throwing the ball more and he must to put up points to win games. Constantly running the ball with Jamaal Charles moves the chains, because he's so good, but it doesn't help with being unpredictable.

Draft Kings price: $6,000

Bonus Pick - Charles Clay:

This is one year where there are plenty of options at tight end. Charles Clay has emerged as a TE1 this year and will finish in the top 5. I would target him in season long leagues and snatch him up off the waiver wire if he's still available. This week, Watkins and McCoy are still out. Tyrod Taylor will sling the ball and his main guy will be Clay. The Titans defense isn't the best, so I'd expect Clay to be very successful this week.

Draft Kings price: $4,100

Good luck to everyone this week and keep your heads up if you're 1-3 or 0-4. Hopefully you're only a couple of moves away from winning more games.

Hauk Vagner