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Fantasy Football Picks: Week 7

Last week was both awesome and not so awesome. I didn't net any money in Draft Kings, however I did win both of my season long leagues. In one of them, I want by .1 points mainly because Josh Brown (kicker of the Giants) couldn't score another point - thank the football gods! I still need to get used to playing daily fantasy. Season long leagues are definitely my strong suit, but hitting on a daily lineup is tougher than I had expected. There are some great match ups this week and we all need to take advantage of them. Here we go.

Blake Bortles:

Yes. A Jaguars QB. He's 5th in QB scoring so far and he's putting up big points. Who cares that he plays for an awful team? He's playing catch up a lot of times and he can get on a roll and make some nice throws. No matter how ugly it looks, he puts up points in fantasy and we need to learn to just sit back and take it. It's not a beauty contest. Laugh your way, watching him score points for your team, to victory.

Draft Kings price: $5,400

Todd Gurley:

Gurley is going to a popular choice for daily leagues this weekend. He's got a great match up against the Browns and his price is cheap. He's also a pretty damn good player, so he's got that going for him as well. I wouldn't be surprised if his ownership is one of the highest this weekend. If you're playing the contrarian approach, he isn't an option. But if you want a cheap RB, then he's an instant plug and play. He's a guy to target for season long leagues. I'd wait for him to have a couple of weeks where he's calmed down a bit (let's hope it isn't this week!) then make a trade proposal for him.

Draft Kings price: $5,000

Chris Ivory:

This man is on one heck of a streak and we have to ride it for as long as we can. I don't see him slowing down at all this season, simply because his team is doing a hell of a job all around. The Jets are not to be messed with and Chris Ivory is taking advantage of his stout offensive line. I drafted him in the 7th round and he's playing like a first rounder this year. People will be down on him this week because they're going up against the Pats, but make no mistake, Frank Gore ran for 98 yards against these guys and Ivory has a way better o-line and he's not 30+ years old.

Draft Kings price: $5,800

DeAndre Hopkins:


Hopkins is just tearing it up. The dude is on pace for 200 targets this year and he's reminding me of what Josh Gordon was doing when Brian Hoyer was the QB with the Browns. A lot of people may play him but he's a good guy to have in your lineup because you know he's going to score a lot. Not much is needed to say about this kid, he's just an amazing talent and I'm upset that I don't have him in season long leagues. He is match up proof. Good luck trying to trade for him.

Draft Kings price: $8,600

T.Y. Hilton:


The Ghost hasn't had a big game all year long. He finally got his first TD of the year against the Patriots last week. He's still getting plenty of looks and was close on a couple of catches in other games to get touchdowns, so they will come. We just need to be patient. Hilton is going up against the Saints and it should be a fun game to watch, especially as a Hilton owner, because he should put up some big numbers. I don't see anyone being able to match up with him on their secondary and Andrew Luck should take advantage of that.

Draft Kings price: $6,500

Bonus Pick - Travis Kelce:

Kelce has been a top 5 tight end this year, as we all expected, and is someone you start in your lineup and not have to worry about getting you a decent amount of points at his position. However, if you want big points this week from your TE spot, play him. Maclin might not play and there's no Jamaal Charles to take away targets either. Alex Smith might only through for 200 yards, but a majority of those yards should be Kelce's.

Draft Kings price: $4,900

Good luck to everyone this week, I know I need it.

Hauk Vagner