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10 Items Every Man Should Have in Their Wardrobe

I generally don't like to purchase an article of clothing just to own it. We tend to fall into a trap of buying something because its a good price or because we liked it at the store, only to experience buyer's remorse shortly after. I believe that we should make purchases mainly according to lifestyle, need and value. Who am I kidding, I own a ton of clothing. Especially shoes, LOTS of shoes, but I honestly wear almost everything in my closet. I generally have my go-to items that are versatile pieces that I can wear for different occasions. These are items that every man needs and work with any body time. In no particular order of importance, here are my essentials that one should build their wardrobe around. 

1. The Perfect White Tee

I'm not talking about anything that comes in a 4-pack and fits like the shirt you get for free after donating blood. I'm talking about a tee that is tailored shirt that in mostly cotton with a little bit of a poly or spandex blend 5-10% just to give it a soft buttery feel and drape the body better. A well fitting white tee is easy to dress up with a blazer and dress down with some jeans and sneakers. 

2. Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash jeans are a no brainer to me. They generally look good on everyone, you could wear them with sneakers, boots or oxfords. Pair them with a tee for lounging or a button up shirt to hit up a bar. The best quality of jeans is that they get better with age so the more mileage you put on these, the better. 

3. Denim Alternative Pants

Up until a couple years ago, jeans were pretty much the only casual pant offerings for guys. Chinos and Khakis were strictly for the business casual yuppie that would spend half a day in a cubicle waiting for Macy's next Dockers sale. Today, you could find chinos in slimmer fits that work for a more casual look. The easiest colors to pull off would be khaki and any shade of grey. Wear these in place of jeans. 

4. Solid Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirts have a distinct look and feel. The texture of the shirt gives it a casual aesthetic and a sturdy feel. Oxfords will usually have a button down collar. I generally don't tuck in my Oxford shirt but it all depends on what type of pant you pair it with. 

5. Denim Trucker Jacket

At one point, it seemed as if the Trucker Jacket had died. Disappeared into the abyss with many other trends. Now, its back and sleeker than ever. Find one that hugs your body and make sure you don't wear it with jeans that match. Try contrasting it with grey or khaki chinos. 

6. Tweed Blazer

The origins of Tweed are in the UK. Due to its durability and moisture-resistance, it has become a very popular fabric for casual outerwear. Even though it has a rough texture and is generally thick, it is flexible and great for layering. If you're looking for the highest quality Tweed, go for a Harris Tweed blazer. Your sons will thank you. 

7. White Converse Chucks

White Chucks go with everything. Literally. If you don't want to buy converse brand than go for Tretorn, Zuriick or PF Flyers. I personally like the Jack Purcell's pictured above. It has a more prominent toe cap, giving it a more expensive look.    

 8. The Everyday Hoodie

Whether it be a zip up or a pull over, a go-to hoodie is essential. Although its considered the daily uniform for the Silicon Valley types, nothing is cozier than that super soft fleece hoodie than is worn down from all the washes. 

9. Navy Blue Suit

Unlike the picture above, I would prefer to wear my Navy Suit with brown derby shoes. Most places where a suit is required, walking into the room you will notice a sea of Black. Black is easy. However easy is boring. A Navy Suit helps you stand out but not in a bad way.

10. The Graphic Tee

What makes a graphic tee so essential is how it speaks your mind for you. Whether it be a box logo or a political statement, graphic tees always have something to say. We take pride in having the widest range and wittiest graphics. Just like everything else on this list, graphic tees have withstood the test of time. 

Buddy Bravado