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Fantasy Football Picks: Week 8

I had another crappy week of daily fantasy picks. Well, I shouldn't say crappy because I put up 170 points and didn't win much, but I'm starting to think that I'm more suited for season long leagues. I split my leagues 1-1 in week 7, scoring 189 in one league and 70 points in another. I'm in second place in one league (5-2) and fifth place in the other league (4-3). I will probably make the playoffs in both leagues, but winning it is another thing. Definitely not going to  guarantee a championship... yet. So, I think I may be up to something this week in daily. I love my lineup.

Andy Dalton:

The beige water pistol, going up against the Steelers in what should be a high scoring affair. He's also been the #1 fantasy QB and is on an incredibly high powered offense. Dalton is also very cheap this week in comparison to other options at his position. Not much to say here, but he's a no brainer. It's not a very contrarian approach, but sometimes it's not good to get too cute.

Draft Kings price: $6,000

Todd Gurley:

Again, not very contrarian as his hype and stock is rising higher and higher, however he looks like a monster. His price is also at a great value and he's got a good matchup against the 49ers, who are just struggling each week. The Rams rest all their hopes and dreams on this kid's shoulders and he's carrying them with ease.

Draft Kings price: $6,300

Chris Johnson:

From getting cut, to getting shot, to becoming a top 10 RB in fantasy, Chris Johnson has been lighting it up behind the Cardinals offensive line. I don't get why he is so cheap, but he is and we thank Draft Kings for that. He's going up against the Cleveland Browns who got lit up a week ago by Todd Gurley and will get lit up again by Chris Johnson. No brainer.

Draft Kings price: $4,600

Keenan Allen:

I beat myself every week when I see Keenan Allen killing it on the stat sheet because I didn't draft him this year even though I was targeting him in every mock I did. Why didn't I draft him? Who knows. Probably stupidity. Either way, he's a must start in season long leagues and he's a must start this week in daily fantasy. Baltimore's secondary is for a lack of a better word, garbage, and there is no Antonio Gates again this week. He's not too cheap, but he'll put up big points for you.

Draft Kings price: $7,700

Stefon Diggs:

All aboard the Stefon Diggs hype train. Another guy I'm beating myself over for not putting in a waiver on him. He's a good ball player and has a good rapport with Teddy "Two Gloves" Bridgewater. Also comes in very cheap and is playing against the porous Chicago defense. If you want to plug in big players elsewhere and start him in daily, go right on ahead.

Draft Kings price: $4,800

Bonus Pick - Ladarius Green:

Even when Antonio Gates has played, Green has put up decent points. But with Gates out he's almost a must start unless you got an elite TE at your disposal. I don't mind the stack with Allen and Green in daily leagues, because all Rivers does is throw it. The Chargers can't run the ball with their banged up offensive line, so look for Rivers to sling it against the Ravens.

Draft Kings price: $3,000

Good luck with your daily and season long leagues this week and have a fun Halloween weekend.

Hauk Vagner