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Fantasy Football PIcks: Week 9

Last week was a tough week in fantasy. I lost my bellcow in Le'Veon Bell. Drafted him in both of my season long leagues and it felt like all my championship hopes and dreams have been crushed. But, the main thing about being a good manager is figuring out a way to minimize failure. Luckily I drafted a decent core of RBs or picked up a few good ones on the waiver wire to lessen the blow. Here's to hoping none of your star players get hurt for the rest of the year. It really really sucks.

Philip Rivers:

All this man does is throw the ball. They hardly ever run and when they do it isn't for a big chunk of yards. Yes, he lost Keenan Allen for the year, but guess what? That doesn't matter because he's a great quarterback and is on top of his game this year. I also love starting players on Monday nights for some reason. More rest, more practice and more time to think about how to attack the defense. Rivers is also someone to target in season long leagues. Besides for the week 13 matchup against the Broncos, he should see plenty of success the rest of the way.

Draft Kings price: $6,900

Doug Martin:

I know that everyone hyped the muscle hamster up like crazy during the preseason, but I never really fed into it and I wish I did. Luckily there are daily leagues that I can always input him into my lineups. Even though the Bucs offense isn't hitting on all cylinders, Doug Martin is. He's got a good matchup against the Giants and although he's one of the top rushers in the league this year, he's one the cheapest starters this week.

Draft Kings price: $ 5,900

Danny Woodhead:

Who would've guessed that this guy was going to be in the top 10 in fantasy scoring for a RB this year? No one. Don't lie, you one random person. I don't mind this stack because without Keenan Allen, Woodhead is going to see plenty of targets. Others think that Malcom Floyd's and Stevie Johnson's values go up - well they do - but Woodhead's rises even further than before because of how many targets will be coming his way as the safety net of that offense.

Draft Kings price: $4,800

Antonio Brown:

Big Ben is back. There's no Le'Veon. Brown is still the best in the business at his position and having his stud QB only helps his value and weekly scoring output. Sure, the Raiders played well against the Jets last week but they had Geno Smith throwing the ball against them for almost the entire game. Expect Brown to torch the Raiders secondary. He could have a huge game this week.

Draft Kings price: $8,100

Jarvis Landry:

Landry plays a lot like Randall Cobb. I don't think he's as talented as Cobb is, however they use him as a utility man and can run many plays specifically for him. His return skills are also a valuable asset if your leagues count return yards and touchdowns. I really like him this week as we see the Dolphins attacking more and putting up points. Buffalo does have a good defense, but I like the creativity behind the Dolphins offensive attack after the coaching change. Landry will also get a lot of looks as he's the #1 option on that offense.

Draft Kings price: $6,300

Bonus Pick - Delanie Walker:

With Marcus Mariota back I expect Walker to be the main guy on that offense and see the majority of the targets. Kendall Wright is out for the year and the most prolific target in their passing attack is Delanie Walker. He's not a sexy add but he will do just fine for the rest of the year. I like him this week against a New Orleans defense that just allowed 7 passing touchdowns last year. Don't expect that to happen again, but I do think that with Mariota, the Titans offense will be just good enough to put up a decent amount of points.

Draft Kings price: $4,200

That's it for this week. I hope your week doesn't suck as much as mine did in week 8. Good luck.

Hauk Vagner