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6 Items You Need for Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. In LA, it's cold enough to throw on a lightweight jacket during the day and at night, just put on a couple layers to feel the right amount of cozy. Cold weather gear always looks more refined than clothing intended for the summer months. So here is my guide to some essentials that you will need for the upcoming season. 

1. Burgundy Sweater

Burgundy, also known as "Ox Blood" is looking like a signature color this year. It definitely is a good change of pace from wearing shades of grey or navy, which is super common for fall/winter wear.


2. A Solid Pair of Boots

When I say a 'solid' pair of boots I mean something that could withstand the elements. Boots have evolved a lot in the last ten years. Gone are the days where everything emulated Timberland. Now you could find a ton of cool Boot-Sneaker hybrids that seem to be more suited for the urban lifestyle.

3. Canvas or Twill Anorak

Anoraks are my favorite Army inspired article of clothing. Part hoodie, part jacket, it truly is a standout piece. Try opting for a waxed finish or anything that is somewhat water resistant making this pullover stylish and functional.


4. Bomber Jacket

While were on the topic of Army influenced clothing, the bomber seems to be back and more popular than ever. There are so many variations that work for almost any occasion. You could find many with a shearling collar which gives it a much more gaudy appearance.


5. Earthtone Khakis

This may be one of the more boring suggestions but khakis really complete the fall look. 

6. Turtleneck

I know, I know, this may not be for everyone. Trust me when I say that you should give this a go. Turtlenecks are perfect for layering and way more versatile than one would assume. You could wear it under a blazer or even a denim trucker jacket. 

Buddy Bravado