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5 Inspirational Manifestos

I have always been a huge fan of company manifestos. Its sets the tone of what you stand for as a brand and gives everyone a sense of direction. Here are some of my favorite manifestos that I've come across. 

1. Nike: Not Without A Fight

Anyone that has played in team sports would appreciate this. The commentary alludes to how one must appreciate the struggle and the battle more-so than the victory.  

2. Lululemon

3. The Holstee Manifesto

This was a huge viral sensation and may have been one of the first typography based manifestos. 

4. Apple

This may have been an ad but it definitely resonates as a manifesto. It encourages those who are different to embrace who they are and see it as a gift. 

5. The Expert Enough Manifesto

This manifesto is rich with great one-liners. My favorite being "Life is an Experiment". 

Buddy Bravado