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5 Trends of 2015 that need to go away

Every year there are new trends, some good, mostly bad. Sometimes I think to myself, now that I'm 32, am I out of touch? Getting old? Nope, I'm simply getting better and recognizing what is a horrible idea. Here are some of the worst trends in 2015 that I really hope to not come across in the new year. 

1. Hoverboards or Segways

Whatever they are called, I really see no point to them. If you can use one of these than you could definitely walk. Is walking now obsolete, along with playing outside and listening to hip hop that has actual words that rhyme? I'm really starting to question society at this point.

2. Vaping


I know vaping is supposed to help people quit smoking and that it is safer than cigarettes and blah, blah, blah. Leave it to humanity to turn this into another obnoxious accessory. For some odd reason, I noticed that hoverboards and vapes go hand in hand. Maybe its sign from the universe trying to tell us something.

3. Ridiculous amounts of zippers on everything

I am well aware of fashion doesn't mean function. But this infatuation with zippers is crazy. Especially with the explosion of the long line shirts, zippers have become the norm on all mens streetwear. Lets try to be a little more creative and think of a new way to accent clothing. 

4. Really bad slang words

I really don't know the origin of any of these words, nor do I care. I really hope in the future, the trend will be to speak with proper grammar and use words that are in an actual dictionary. 

5. Making stupid people famous

This has going on for a while now. Unfortunately, music, film and fashion is all tainted by hype and celebrity worship. People don't care for substance anymore. We buy things because of society pressure. People think a record is only good because of it's sales or that one actor is better because he makes more money. This couldn't be further from the truth. People for some reason are infatuated with the lives of celebrities who wouldn't piss on them if they were in flames. Let's start focusing on people that actually have positive contributions to society and learn to be aware of daily headlines that directly impact our lives. 

Buddy Bravado