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About Us

Although our company launched in 2009, our story really began in 2007. Sevan Aliksanian and Burag Celikian, two of the founding members of Arka, were traveling, for humanitarian purposes, to various cities in Armenia and came upon a school that was out of session. The principal of the school was kind enough to give them a tour. It was during the tour that Arka was born. At the entrance of one the classrooms, Burag and Sevan noticed various hazard symbols and posters. These posters weren’t like any other that they had seen. These graphics had a distinct style that resembled those from communist propaganda posters. The first thought that came to mind was how great these images would look on t-shirts. After arriving back to Los Angeles, it was obvious that the graphic t-shirt has become a lost art. There was a time when graphics had substance. Designs were relevant and stood for something. Soon after coming to this realization, Sevan and Burag sought to create a new brand of t-shirt. Shant Der Ashodian was added to the team to direct all sales, followed by Eddie Celik who was added for his distinct graphic style. With zero experience in the industry and without any formal training in design, the partners took it upon themselves to learn all the nuances of the business and be hands on with every task. As of today, Arka has grown from its humble beginnings. Arka is sold in over 200 locations nationwide and in various countries around the globe.